The Neural Basis of Behavior Right-Left Brain/Early Childhood


Transpersonal Psychology by Ronald Campbell Ph.D. I-Ching and Transpersonal Psychology
by Marysol Gonzalez Sterling, Jose, Phd Arguelles

Academy of Self-Knowledge
A California non-profit educational organization, offering a curriculum that includes tranional e" alt="">

Ander's Transhuman Page
A well-organised exploration of information and sites that address the realisation of human potential.

Archive Publishing
Dedicated to publishing transpersonal literature and artefacts - cards and paintings produced by people working transpersonally. Courses and personal therapy also offered.

Association for Transpersonal Psychology
Today, a more comprehensive view of human nature is developing. It recognizes our personal uniqueness, as well as a transpersonal dimension, something which is beyond our individual egos, and yet still a part of us. Based on observations and practices from many cultures, the transpersonal perspective is informed by modern psychology, the humanities and human sciences, as well as contemporary spiritual disciplines and the wisdom traditions.

Center For Awareness
Words of encouragement and advice from a licensed Transpersonal Psychotherapist of 27 years. Suggestions on tools to use and ways to achieve the state of enlightenment - or peace.

Flash Video Here.

Crowd Dynamics, Related Trajectory

Center for Neoscientific Studies
Combining the wisdom of the past with the knowledge of today, investigating by means of scientific investigative methodologies, the non-spatial-temporal domains in consciousness.

Chaos, Complexity, Magic & Mystery
Victor MacGill's webpage exploring chaos, spiral dynamics, Ken Wilber, mythology and archetypes, consciousness and spirituality.

Dr. Charles T. Tart Home Page and Virtual Library
Many articles and scientific papers by Dr. Tart on consciousness studies and transpersonal phenomena.

Dr. Jeanette's Center for the New Psychology
An alternative, emotional, spiritual psychology based in Philadelphia with a licensed psychologist. Based on the energy flow in the body, heart and soul. Offers worldwide workshops, training and phone sessions.

Dynamic Changes Transpersonal Psychotherapy
Persistent physical and behavioral symptoms are an outer expression of an inner obstruction. Dynamic Changes offers a system of transformative change based on a meditation therapy called "AlphaKardia."

Right Brained - Left Brain Children Links Here.

Includes Hemispheric Brain Test

European Transpersonal Association
EUROTAS seeks to reconcile the viewpoints of different disciplines, sciences, spirituality, philosophy and art. Contains articles, news, events and links to member associations.

Explore Transpersonal Psychology
Introduction to transpersonal psychology, with listings of links and books.

Grof Transpersonal Training
GTT is a program for experiencing and studying Holotropic Breathwork and the transpersonal perspective. Contains information about Holotropic Breathwork, the members of the organization, their workshops and books.

Have you ever felt a vague inner longing, a sense that life could be brighter, richer, more rewarding- yet you aren't quite sure of how to realize your dreams or set yourself on a more fulfilling path?

Home page of K. Raudsepp / T. Soidla
Transpersonal papers by T. R. Soidla (some under pen name K. Raudsepp) in Russian and English.

,br> Neural Networks

Inner Harmony Center
Complementary therapies center focusing on transpersonal and general psychology and counselling, psychosynthesis, self-help philosophy, meditation, personal development, yoga, acupuncture, massage and other healing arts, with educational material.

Inner Path Transpersonal Therapy
Inner Path provides therapy sessions using Psychosynthesis and Transpersonal techniques.

Insightful Company
Delivers personal development workshops, training opportunities and transpersonal psychotherapy in London and Wiltshire

Institute of Technical Energy Medicine
The mission of the Institute is to conduct innovative research in the fields of health, psychology and bioenergy physics, and to explore the mechanics of consciousness and how the human mind affects conditions of the body.
Institute of Transpersonal Psychology
The Institute offers accredited residential and distance learning graduate programs in transpersonal psychology. Curriculum emphasizes intellectual enrichment, professional training and personal transformation with a focus on six core areas of study: intellectual, emotional, spiritual, physical, creative and community. Counseling/Clinical training available.

Integrated Psychology: Mind, Body and Spiritual Approach to Balance
Services and information to integrate psychological interventions with shiatsu, tai chi, reiki to enhance mind, body, spiritual wellness. Links offer a portal to self discovery.

Intuition Network
Encourages the cultivation and use of inner, intuitive resources.

Journal of Transpersonal Psychology
Published by the Association for Transpersonal Psychology.

Lyricalworks: Is there Meaning in the Madness?
Especially for teens and young adults, an exploration of the raw materials of meaning: symbols, myths, dreams and stories.

MetaSelf - a Visual Guide to Being Human
This extensive site shows how we use metaphor to help us understand ourselves and others.

MSc in Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology - Liverpool

Naropa University Transpersonal Counseling Psychology
Naropa's Transpersonal Counseling Psychology graduate programs offers a unique combination of transpersonal and contemplative approaches, with concentrations in counseling, art therapy, and music therapy.

Naturality.Net - Peak Evolution
Information and support community surrounding the book, Peak Evolution, by anthropologist and transpersonalpsychologist Lauren Holmes.

New Frontier Magazine
Online mag with the theme of Transformation.

New Paradigms, Models
A collection of links to articles and sites that are on the leading edge of non-mainstream psychology.

Evolutionary Psychologists

Next Relevant Step
Transpersonal approach to enable the transition from a recovery program back into a successful life.

Noetic Sciences
Dedicated to expanding science beyond conventional paradigms. Founded by Edgar Mitchell, the astronaut. The noetic sciences study the mind and its diverse ways of knowing in a truly interdisciplinary fashion.

Online Noetic Network
ONN looks at the ways that consciousness affects - and is affected by - the world around us, establishing an online dialog about living consciously and building a world based on connection, compassion, purpose, and wisdom.

Portiuncula Centre
Australian centre offering group workshops, individual counselling and professional training in transpersonal and emotional release counselling. Modalities include dreams, sandplay, holotropic breathwork, voice dialogue.

Project Enhearten
A new paradigm and summit of human consciousness integrating psychological-emotional-spiritual maturity called Enheartenment

Psyber Inn
Mystic Labyrinth: Here to intrigue your imagination with theory, poetry, fun, spirituality, and shamanic journeys into the Matrix of Light.

Psychospiritual Research Institute
An online institute devoted to the exploration and enhancement of psychospiritual transformation; utilizing a multidisciplinary scientific approach, informed by the wisdom of great spiritual traditions.
Psychosynthesis is an approach to human development fostered by Roberto Assagioli. It is both a theory and practice where the focus is to achieve a synthesis, a coming together, of the various parts of an individual's personality into a more cohesive self, i.e. the "higher" or "transpersonal" self.

Psychosynthesis Master Teacher Series
Each spring and fall, the Kentucky Network of Psychosynthesis sponsors an in-depth workshop by a highly respected teacher from the international psychosynthesis community. Find all the details here.

Re•Vision Integrative Psychosynthesis Counselling and Psychotherapy Training
Re•Vision is a registered charity which offers a professional training in Integrative Psychosynthesis Counselling and Psychotherapy in London. Its training is accredited by the BACP and by the UKCP

Rhythm of LIfe
Carol McAnally provides transpersonal counseling and bodywork, bring mindfulness to the rhythm and movement of life.

Romanian Association of Transpersonal Psychology
In Romanian and English, this site promotes transpersonal psychology in Romania. (Site realizat de Asociatia Romana de Psihologie Transpersonala. Ofera studii si cercetari despre psihologia transpersonala.)

Society for Psychology & Healing
The Society provides Post-graduate training to MA level in transpersonal/Jungian psychology integrated with healing.

Soul of Life
Providing transpersonal counselling and complementary therapies for wellbeing of mind, body and spirit.

Southern Psychosynthesis Community Network
Located in Dunedin New Zealand. Contains articles, and members biographies.

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National and International Storytelling Workshops

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Telling My Story - Healing Stories & Personal Myth
We tell our stories as a way of transcending sorrows and tragedies through the creative process. This is a place to learn about writing the healing stories of our lives and to find support in moving beyond survival.

The Center for Story and Symbol, Joseph Campbell and Archetypal Psychology
Offering online mythological studies resources, workshops and seminars for clinical psychologists and those interested in archetypal perspectives.

The Forum for Contemplative Studies
Dedicated in general to the exploration of contemplative awareness and its values. In particular seeks to explore the confluence of depth psychotherapy with the world's contemplative traditions.

The Headless Way
A site based on the work of Douglas Harding, who explains how to discover a new level of consciousness in a wonderfully clear way.

The Institute of Psychosynthesis
The Institute offers professional training and self-development in psychotherapy, therapeutic counselling and applying psychosynthesis to other fields of service. The Institute also runs a referral clinic.

The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies
International journal of transpersonal and spiritual studies: theory, research, practice, applications; original artwork, poetry, cartoons; special subseries on Russian Transpersonalism.

The Joseph Campbell and Marija Gimbutas Library
Non-profit educational organization dedicated to the preservation of books, manuscripts, and memorabilia from esteemed cultural scholars of this century: mythologist Joseph Campbell, archaeologist Marija Gimbutas, psychologist James Hillman, and others.

The Joseph Campbell Foundation
A non-profit membership organisation that perpetuates Campbell's pioneering work by collecting and cataloging his books, papers, and recorded lectures on the sigificance of mythology.

The Physics Consciousness Research Group Home Page
Much synergy is taking place involving work in physics, consciousness, and paranormal phenomena. For a gateway into ongoing research and ideas in the 'new physics' check out this site.

The Spirit of Now
Peter Russell's site on Consciousness and Personal Growth. Sections on The Global Brain, Mind Maps, Science, Consciousness, and God.

The Synthesis Center-Psychosynthesis
Provides training and counseling services applying psychosynthesis, a holistic and transpersonal psychology.

The Transpersonal - a Re-enchantment of Psychology, Psychotherapy and Spirituality
These are practical pages, not theoretical debate, which seek to de-mystify and expand the concept of 'Transpersonal' - whether it be applied to mainstream Psychology, Psychotherapy, Education, Counselling, New Psychology, 'New Age' or Alternative and Complementary Therapies.

Thoughts Beneath the Trees
A collection of articles on transpersonal psychology, consciousness, spirituality, healing, creativity and human potential - to inspire, provoke and advance new views.

Tools for Transformation
To open up our minds to new ideas, new challenges and new solutions - to think differently and be creative - well, we could all do with some help in this direction. Tools for Transformation is dedicated to introducing the best available tools for transformation of body, mind and spirit - to free us of the shackles of the past by re-awakening awareness of our true identity in the present. Contains the online book Transforming the Mind.

Tools for Transpersonal Development and Research
Tools for biofeedback, relaxation, dream enhancement, brainstates, healing, meditation, yoga, and mind-body connection.

Transcendental Art
Paintings by Reyna Aldrete that express the behavior of the subconscious, the transformation of personality and achievement of higher consciousness.

Transpersonal Psychology Course
An introduction to the subject.

Transpersonal Psychology, Psychotherapy and Counselling Made Easy
Transpersonal ssychology is about the seen and the unseen - the sources of conscious and unconscious beliefs and programs that govern people's lives, leading to stress, conflict, addictions, disease and death.

Transpersonal Psychotherapy - Canterbury, Kent
Dorice Evans transpersonal psychotherapist UKCP reg BACP. A creative, non judgemental, healing space where you can explore your thoughts and feelings from a new perspective in Canterbury UK.

Transpersonal Psychotherapy - Walking the Spiritual Path
Introduces the basic tools for spiritual growth. Explains the need for both personal and transpersonal work to proceed in parallel. Offers appropriate free counselling services.

Unitary Perception
Dr. Ruben Feldman Gonzalez describes an aspect of mind that he calls 'unitary perception' and freely offers the ebook "The Great Leap pf Mind."

University of Creation Spirituality and Network Newsletter
Matthew Fox.

WAYLA - Women & Youth Leadership Alliance
We provide practical tools and strategies for individual, organizational and community introspection, self-exploration and empowerment. Visitors are invited to tap into their core, essential selves, become their own best advocate, and enjoy a superb quality of life, love and service.

Books and Tapes (3)
Chopra, Deepak (4)
Coaching (140)
Counseling (41)
Dyer, Wayne (2)
Emotional Intelligence (56)
Enlightenment (216)
Jungian Psychology (84)
Spirituality Authors (24)
Teachers (95)
Transpersonal Arts (7)
Wilber, Ken (15)
Zukav, Gary (1)

A Science Odyssey: That's My Theory!
In this gameshow by the Public Broadcasting System, readers try to guess the identities of three major personality theorists.

Alphabet Soup Personality Types
An overview of psycholgical type.

Clear Direction
Provides personal and professional profiles based on the theories of Axiology.

Dr. Joseph M. Pirone
Professor of Psychology at SUNY Rockland specializing in Personality.

Great Ideas in Personality
This website deals with scientific research programs on the psychology of personality.

Gregorc Associates
Training, consulting and publishing firm directed by Dr. Anthony F. Gregorc, the creator of the Mind Styles Model; originator of the four style types: Concrete Sequential (CS), Abstract Sequential (AS), Abstract Random (AR) and Concrete Random (CR); and the developer of the Gregorc Style Delineator.

International Personality Item Pool
a collaborative effort of personality researchers to develop advanced measures of individual differences.

Laboratory of Personality and Cognition
The National Institute on Aging (NIA) Laboratory of Personality and Cognition, headed by Paul T. Costa.

Personal Construct Psychology
Description of a constructivist system of psychology developed by George Kelly.

Personality and Consciousness
Personality theories, processes and disorders. Maslow, Freud, Jung, Adler, Rogers, Skinner. Quotations, descriptions of work, links.

Personality Theories
E-text designed for courses in personality theories, addressing psychoanalytic, behavioristic, and humanistic schools of thought, by Dr. C. George Boeree, Psychology Department, Shippensburg University.

Personality Theories: Experimental, Clinical, and Correlational
This ongoing project at Francis Marion University includes concise introductions to the major theories of personality psychology.

Personality theory on Horney's Role of Narcissism
Novel approach to personality testing by A.M. Benis, M.D., based on the "genetic" traits of narcissism, perfectionism and aggression.

Existential theory of personality, including an outline of seven common personal perspectives on the world and a number of phenomenological sketches.

A scholarly resource for psychobiography. Contents include an annotated bibliography of psychobiographical research, articles, and links.

A new, comprehensive, and systematic classification of 16 personality types. Criteria and links to pages about persons within each personality group. Comparison between Ptypes personality types, Keirsey's Myers-Briggs, Riso's enneagram, Oldham's personality style, and Brau's astrological signs.
Prof Revelle's (Northwestern University) site covers personal and individual differences research.
An introduction to the psychology of risk-taking behavior, focusing upon the personality profiles associated with high-risk sports and health-risk behaviors.

Riverside Accuracy Project
The Riverside Accuracy Project investigates the determinants of accurate personality judgments of others.

Self-Determination Theory
Research-based theory of human motivation and personality in social contexts. Includes researcher profiles, reference lists, selected articles for download in PDF, and research questionnaires and scoring instructions.

St. Mary's University Blume Library: Personality Tests and Resources
A gateway of psychology links to Myers-Briggs-related tests, online tests, and other information on personality research.
Temperamental individuality in infants, children and adults. Research and practical information about temperamental characteristics in research and practice.

The Dimensions of Human Space
Theoretical paper on personality type, organizational form, and the structure of human consciousness.

The Peer Nomination Project
Explores the discrepancies between self-report and informant measures in the assessment of personality and personality disorders.

The Personality Project
A guide for those interested in personality theory and research, including readings, abstracts, and links, maintained by Bill Revelle at NWU.

Theories of Personality
Outlines for quick reference on the theories of Adler, Erikson, Existential, Freud, Jung, Maslow, Rank, Rogers.

Vulnerability and Resilience
A chapter by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) on Vulnerability and Resilience, including general personality psychology, attachment, self concepts and self esteem.

Walter Mischel - Inconsistencies in Personality
An article arguing that people's personalities are not as stable as many believe.

What's in a Face
Psychology study exploring the relationships between personality, facial expressions and lasting facial features.

World Database of Happiness
A continuous register of scientific research on subjective appreciation of life directed by Ruut Veenhoven, Erasmus University Rotterdam. Features overview, bibliography and contact details for the project participants.

Chats and Forums (5)
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Personality Disorders (245)
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Socionics (4)
Health, Addictions, Substance Abuse  (3051)
     Recreation - Drugs   Treatment (71)

"Drugs, Brain & Behavior" online textbook.
This is the entire content (text and figures) of a textbook that was entitled 'Principles of Behavioral Pharmacology'. The authors are professors at Rutgers and Drew Universities in New Jersey.

Addiction and Alcoholism Treatment
Free online books, journals. The best collection on intervention techniques, substance abuse, recovery, relapse prevention, sobriety.
Research Forum and Resources for the Neurobiology of Addiction hosted by The Wheeler Center at the University of California, San Francisco. Online discussions and learning tools that help in understanding the neuroscience behind addiction and the brain mediation of reward.

Alcohol and Adolescent Brain Development
Explores recent scientific evidence that alcohol affects adolescents and adults differently. Also discusses recent findings regarding adolescent brain development.

Marijuana Special Report from The New Scientist
Visual guide to brain regions involved in the mediation of cannabis actions - geared to the lay person. Links to a variety of articles on cannabis/Marijuana.

Mind Over Matter: The Brain's Response to Methamphetamine
An online magazine series exploring the brain's response to drugs. In this issue, it investigates many facts about the stimulant drug methamphetamine.

National Institute on Drug Abuse
Comprehensive web-site with research and treatment reports and news. Includes a site for teachers and students with educational materials. Fact sheets on drug abuse, including the most recent economic costs report.

Pharmacology Research Unit
The PRG of the Haight-Ashbury Free Clinics in San Francisco conducts clinical trials of medications and therapeutic interventions for the treatment of addiction.

Society for Neuroscience Brain Briefings
For the layperson interested in the science behind addiction: and in the brain in general. Current topics include: Nicotine and the brain, Addictions path, the brains stash, and the opiate receptor.

The Drug Discrimination Bibliography
Drug Discrimination is widely recognised as one of the major methods for studying the behavioral and neuropharmacological effects of drugs and plays an important role in drug discovery and investigations of drug abuse. This page provides access to Dr. Ian Stolerman's ongoing Comprehensive Bibliography of Drug Discrimination Research. Search bibliography for combinations of training drug, pretreatment drug, methodology.

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    Philosophy of Mind - Consciousness Studies  (102)
    Psychology and Religion  (194)

Phenomenological Inquiry in Psychology: Existential and Transpersonal Dimensions by R.S. Valle, Ronald S. Valle (Editor)

Transpersonal Psychologies: Perspectives on the Mind from Seven Great Spiritual Traditions by Charles T. Tart


American Journal of Psychology
Quarterly exploring the basic science of the mind, publishing reports of original research in experimental and theoretical psychology, as well as historical commentaries, reviews, and obituaries. Free access to abstracts.

American Psychologist
Official print journal of APA, publishing articles on current issues in psychology. Includes tables of contents, abstracts, and submission guidelines.

Annual Review of Psychology
Includes free searchable abstracts database.

APA Journals
Listing of journals published by the American Psychological Association. Includes guidelines on posting articles on the Internet and journal statistics for submission/publication ratios and readership.

APA Monitor on Psychology
Print and free access electronic journal containing research and news. Published monthly by the American Psychological Association.

Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition !!!!

Australian Psychological Society Journals
The Australian Psychologist (publishes material of applied and professional interest) and The Australian Journal of Psychology (publishes articles and book reviews, with an emphasis on academic or archival functions).

Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Print and electronic journal focusing on psychology, neuroscience, behavioural biology, and cognitive science. Uses open peer commentary.

Cross-Cultural Psychology Bulletin
Free access electronic journal. Publishes theoretical and position articles, book reviews, and announcements relevant to the membership of the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology (IACCP).

Individual Differences Research
An international, interdisciplinary journal publishing scholarly articles which promote the understanding of psycholigical traits which make individuals unique.

International Journal of Rural Psychology
Electronic and print journal focusing on rural and remote psychology. Includes message board and abstracts; full text available with subscription.

Developmental Psychology Links Here.

Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology
Print and electronic journal specializing in empirical research involving culture comparisons. Includes tables of contents and submission guidelines.

Journal of Environmental Psychology
Publishes empirical studies, reviews of research, and book reviews on the transactions and interrelationships between people and their sociophysical surroundings. Instructions for authors, subscription information, and related resources.

Journal of Mind and Behavior
Interdisciplinary journal addressing mind/body issues in psychology, psychiatry, philosophy, sociology, and medicine. Abstracts for back issues through 1980.

Philippine Journal of Psychology
Print journal of the Psychological Association of the Philippines. Abstracts and subscription information.

Searchable guide to psychology and social science journals. Includes article search facility.

Psycoloquy Online
Refereed interdisciplinary electronic journal. Publishes articles and commentary in all areas of psychology as well as cognitive science, neuroscience, behavioral biology, artificial intelligence, robotics/vision, linguistics and philosophy.

The Human Nature Daily Review
News and updates on current developments in brain and behavioural sciences and related fields.

Theory & Psychology
A bi-monthly journal devoted to scholarship with a broad meta-theoretical intent, examining issues such as the conceptual frameworks and foundations of psychology, its historical underpinnings, and its relation to other human sciences.

WPE is an online psychology journal, with original articles, reprints, and a listserv.

Resources for Learning French

MadLibs and Lesson Plans for K-9 Teachers
Advanced Math and Physics with Translation

Pre-Kindergarten Counting and Alphabet Demos! - Also in Spanish!

K-12 Saxon Online Math

Celebrate Metric Week

Multi Engine News Websearch

Poetry Lessons for Teachers and Students

Love Poems?

Poetry: Wordchimes of the Day
Academy of American Poets

Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind 
by Shunryu Suzuki  Wai Lana Yoga: Little Yogis, Vol. 1 (2003) VHS  Everything You Need to Know about Yoga! Link to the YOGA page! Wai Lana Yoga:Little Yogis, Vol. 2 An Introduction to Zen Buddhism by D. T. Suzuki

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