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Liberty and Justice for Everyone


What's the difference

BP News: Death Penalty Biblical, Not Vengeful, Southern Seminary's Moore Says
A response to Russell Moore's appearance on Kentucky Tonight.

Bring Back Capital Punishment
A Canadian group trying to gain public support for their cause. Offers petitions and a forum.

Bronson: Still Guilty
Peter Bronson challenges the assertion that innocent people are executed.

Capital Punishment
The opinions of Errol McInnes, a Florida resident. Includes the account of a family member on their murdered child.

Capital Punishment
Article by Kerby Anderson that examines Old Testament law and New Testament principles regarding capital punishment.

Capital Punishment
Short essay in defense of capital punishment.

Capital Punishment: Right or Wrong
Article by Christian author, Randy Alcorn.

Casey's Critical Thinking: The Death Penalty
Written by Casey Carmical on capital punishment as a morally acceptable punishment. The Death Penalty (A Christian Defense),1183,PTID1000|CHID|CIID132640,00.html
Artible by Tom Flannery argues that governments have the moral authority and obligation to execute capital punishment.

Death Penalty Information
Includes articles, news, and opinions.

False Confessions
An examination of alleged cases of wrongful conviction from false confessions by law professor Paul G. Cassell.

God and the Death Penalty
Asserts the death penalty is mandated from a Christian perspective.

Liberty on Rights and Capital Punishment
An article by Russell Madden examining inalienable rights of prisoners.

Message from the Prosecuting Attorney
Prosecuting Attorney of Clark County, Indiana presents a defense through articles and links.

National Review Online: Not So Innocent
Article by Ramesh Ponnuru. Examines claims by the Death Penalty Information Center that innocents have been released.

OpinionJournal: An Infinite Wrong
Article by Daniel Henninger. Discusses the Beltway snipers case.

Pro Capital Punishment Page
Offers statistics implying that capital punishment does deter crime.

Pro Death Penalty Articles
A collection of articles and editorials from Dudley Sharp, Director of Death Penalty Resources at Justice for All.

Pro-Death Penalty
Contains case information for scheduled execution, a collection of links, issue debates, and current news articles.

Pro-life and Pro-Capital Punishment
Article explores the apparent contradiction in being pro-life and pro-death penalty.

Sentiment as Social Justice: The Ethics of Capital Punishment
Article from the Christian Research Institute dealing with capital punishment and rebutting the argument of a "higher" Christian ethic.

Speech in Favor of Capital Punishment
John Stuart Mill's famous speech explaining why execution is utilitarian.

Stand to Reason: Capital Punishment
A commentary by Gregory Koukl suggesting that one's view of capital punishment says a lot about his or her view of mankind.

Stand to Reason: The Bible and Capital Punishment
Article by Gregory Koukl with supporting Bible verses.

StudyWorld: Debate Over Capital Punishment
An article with information on different methods of implementation.

Tektonics: Life for a Life
A biblical look by James Patrick Holding with supporting verses cited on both sides of the issue.

Testimony Before the House Judiciary
Statement from a Utah college law professor to Congress.

The Death Penalty
An analysis by Solange Strong Hertz with biblical references.

The Death Penalty
Online book supporting the capital punishment.

The New American: Deserving to Die
By Robert W. Lee on the deterrence effect.

The New American: Ten Anti-Death Penalty Fallacies
Article by Thomas R. Eddlem. Asserts the case against capital punishment relies on myth, misinformation, and misplaced emotionalism.

The November Coalition: An Eye for an Eye
A commentary by Paul Bischke about the ethics of criminal justice from the perspective of Judaeo-Christian society.

The Penalty of Death
An essayist lists his reasons for maintaining the penalty of death.

The Ultimate Punishment:A Defense
Scholarly defense of capital punishment by Ernest van den Haag, Professor of Jurisprudence and Public Policy, Fordham University.

USA Today: Few Inmates Seek Exonerations With Free DNA Tests
Article by Richard Willing. Discusses inmates use of free DNA testing programs.

Almanac of Policy Issues: Criminal Justice
Background information and links on U.S. criminal justice policy, including issues like gun control, drug policy, and the death penalty.

Association for Criminal Justice Research (California)
A group of public servants, practitioners, evaluators, analysts and academics sharing information from a research focus. Includes membership details, conference information, list of member interest areas, and newsletters.

Atlantic Unbound
A collection of articles on crime from the Atlantic Monthly.

Avocacy and education to reduce violence with a focus on public education, victims rights and the justice system.

Center for Community Alternatives
Works in the fields of juvenile and criminal justice and offers training, research and technical assistance.

Center for Court Innovation
Information about problem-solving courts, such as drug courts, community courts and mental health courts, which seek to improve case outcomes for communities and litigants.

Centre for Restorative Justice, Simon Fraser University
Information about the center, with resources and details of current projects, as well as information about the 2001 Ron Wiebe Memorial Lecture and Dialogue on Restorative Justice.

Community Justice Exchange
Offers information and assistance to help bring together criminal justice agencies and ordinary citizens to make communities safer.

Community Justice Portal
Information exchange, networking and e-learning for people working in the community and criminal justice system. Includes news, press releases, job ads, publications, and discussion forum. [Registration required]

Corruption Online Research and Information System (CORIS)
Transparency International's web portal of resources crucial to key groups and individuals involved in anticorruption work and research: news, events, study courses, projects, contacts, and related links.

Crime and Criminals Email List
The purpose of this list is to talk about crimes, criminals, and punishment. The latest news is posted to this site everyday.

Crime and Deviance
Crime and deviance is breaking laws or social rules (norms). Articles, discussions and links exploring crime and deviance

Criminal Justice MegaLinks
A comprehensive library of resources and lectures in crime, justice, criminology, and law.

Criminal Justice Policy Foundation
CJPF provides information to policy makers and the public to promote innovative ideas about criminal justice issues, including sentencing, drug policy, and police policy.

Criminal Justice Resources
Assembled by Jon Harris, criminal justice specialist at Michigan State University's library.

Constitutional Justice: A Liberal Theory of the Rule of Law by T. R. S. Allan

Dr. Frank Schmalleger's Talk Justice
Gives a voice to criminal justice practitioners, academicians, students, crime victims, and interested citizens, covering police, courts, corrections, victims, crime causation, and the death penalty.

Equal Justice USA
Seeks to bring into clear focus the racial, economic and political biases active in U.S. courts, prisons, jails and policing agencies, and to expand public opposition to the death penalty.

Federal Crime Statistics
Compendium of the latest federal crime statistics compiled by the White House.

Financial Scandals
Links to information on financial scandals, bank frauds, money laundering, corruption, scams, and organized crime.
Compares crime rates for major North American cities.

Impact of a Criminal Record
Information about the effects of a criminal record on such matters as voting rights, employment, pensions, and ability to obtain a license.

Institute for International Research on Criminal Policy
IRCP was founded in 1992. The intention of IRCP, The Institute for International Research on Criminal Policy, which is integrated in the Department of Criminal Law and Criminology of the Faculty of Law of Ghent University, is to conduct and promote internationally relevant scientific research regarding criminal policy issues.

A site dealing with the history of the Mafia in the USA. Contents include profiles of infamous mobsters with photographs, links to other crime sites. Includes the Gambino, Gotti, and Genovese families.

Miranda Rights
News and resources on the history and fate of the warnings given while being arrested.

National Center on Institutions and Alternatives
Private nonprofit, progressive, and effective criminal justice and human services agency founded in 1977.

National Criminal Justice Reference Service
Lists publications and links on corrections, courts, crime, drugs, international crime, juvenile justice, law enforcement, research, statistics, crime victims.

NJ Division of Criminal Justice
Implements the powers and duties of the Attorney General in the presecution of New Jersey criminal matters for the administration of justice. Division encourages cooperation among all law enforcement agencies statewide.

Peacemaking & Crime
Provides information about peacemaking in the U.S. criminal justice system and resources useful to those in interested in alternatives to the war on crime.
Site that allows submission of anonymous tips to help solve crimes.

The Navajo Response to Crime
Article about Navajo traditional justice, which emphasizes peacemaking.

Transparency International (TI)
International non-governmental organisation devoted to combating corruption. TI focuses on prevention and reforming systems.

United States Department of Justice
Primary federal criminal investigation and enforcement agency.

Vera Institute of Justice
A nonprofit organization that works closely with government to improve the services that people rely on for safety and justice.

You Have the Power
Not-for-profit agency devoted to raising awareness about criminal justice and crime prevention. Resource links and sale of educational products.

Undoing Time: American Prisoners in Their Own Words
by Jeff Evans (Editor), et al (Hardcover - November 1, 2000) <br>
The over two million men and women incarcerated in state 
<br>and federal penitentiaries have become America's forgotten population.

The over two million men and women incarcerated in state and federal penitentiaries have become America's forgotten population. This extraordinary anthology of autobiographical prison writings brings the reader inside their silent and hidden world. Culled from more than four hundred submissions nationwide, the thirty-six pieces here represent works by a broad spectrum of prisoners: young and old, unknown and infamous, minimum security check forgers and death row inmates. The authors include notorious "Preppie Murderer" Robert Chambers; an elderly truck driver who strangled the woman he professed to love; and a gang member recalling his violent street life. All talk in their own uncensored words about themselves and their families, about their motives and personal demons, about committing crime and doing time. Just as this collection gives prisoners the rare chance to communicate who they are and what went wrong, it also gives the reader a unique opportunity to see convicts not as hardened criminals but as human beings.

Courting Disaster: Intimate Stalking, Culture, and Criminal Justice
(Social Problems and Social Issues) by Jennifer L. Dunn

Prisoners' Self-Help Litigation Manual by Daniel Manville

Civil Litigation Report - 23 issues/12 months

Inventors Insider: Patent Litigation: What's Involved and How to Avoid It VHS

Internet Litigation News - 12 months

Journal Of Civil Litigation - 4 issues/12 months

Chemical Waste Litigation Reporter- 12 issues/12 months

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Litigation Services Handbook : The Role of the Financial Expert by Roman L. Weil, LITIGATION PARALEGAL 4E by James W. H. McCord Complex Litigation: Problems in Advanced Civil Procedure by Jay Tidmarsh, Roger H. Trangsrud

=" Preparing and Presenting Expert Testimony in Child Abuse Litigation :
 A Guide for Expert Witnesses and Attorneys (Interpersonal Violence: The Practice Series) by Paul Stern

Regulation Through Litigation by W. Kip Viscusi Introduction to Civil Litigation (West's Paralegal Series) by Mark Weinstein Journal Of Environmental Law And Litigation - 2 issues/12 months