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Alexander, Patricia A.
Her faculty profile at the University of Maryland, linked to the Alexander Research Lab, which she operates.

Royer, James M.
Noted figure in the field of educational testing. Includes information about his personal history, teaching and professional work.

Winne, Philip
Past president of APA section 15. Research profile listing his publications, awards, and academic stints.

Center for Evolutionary Psychology
Research center directed by Leda Cosmides and John Tooby, University of California, Santa Barbara. Suggested reading, evolutionary psychology primer, full-text articles, and list of graduate programs.

Evolutionary Psychology and Behavioural Ecology Research Group
Led by Robin Dunbar at the University of Liverpool, UK. Details of current research and publications, profiles of staff and students, PhD and taught MSc graduate program, and weekly seminar timetable.

Konrad Lorenz Institute
Features details of research and publications. Also offers information on fellowships and workshops.

Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Urban Ethology
Research group directed by Irenäus Eibl-Eibesfeldt and Karl Grammer at the University of Vienna, focusing on human behavior in urban environments, Darwinian aesthetics and human beauty, landscapes and city aesthetics, communication and cognition, and the role of human pheromones in communication.

SFU Evolutionary Psychology Research Group
Group directed by Charles Crawford and based at Simon Fraser University, Canada. Summary of research interests, list of publications, conference abstracts, and photographs of lab members.

A tutorial on evolutionary psychology
PDF by Edward Hagen of UCSB.

Brain Development
A broadcast in RealAudio from the annual meeting of the AAAS: Marion Diamond and others on how genes and the environment work together to shape the young developing brain.

Chimpanzees and Romans: Why Animals and Humans Make War
Paleopsychologist/mass-behavior specialist Howard Bloom explains the animal instincts that drove the ancient Greeks and Romans to make war.

Daniel J. Kruger: Evolutionary Psychology
This Research Fellow at the University of Michigan provides an online version of his work "What is Evolutionary Psychology?" published 2002.

Darwin Wars: The Scientific Battle for the Soul of Man
Information about and from Andrew Brown's book on current debates between the Dawkinsians and the Gouldians over Dawkins' concept of the "selfish gene" and related matters.

Evolution's Voyage
Evolutionary Psychology For The Common Person. Includes articles, book reviews and reading lists.

Evolutionary analysis of depression.< /font>
Presents the niche change model of depression, proposing evolutionary adaptationist functions for minor and major depression to be considered by patients and their families, as well as mental health professionals.

Evolutionary Psychology
Brief introduction to evolutionary psychology and sociobiology.

Evolutionary Psychology
Provides a concise definition of the field with links to related topics.

Evolutionary psychology
A comprehensive evolutionary psychology must be able to deal with our future psychological evolution as well as our past. This paper begins the extension of evolutionary psychology to our future evolution.

Evolutionary Psychology
Papers on Evolutionary Psychology.

Evolutionary Psychology Challenges the Current Social Sciences
This article attempts to describe evolutionary psychology and the challenge it poses to traditional social science, and then discusses opportunities evolutionary psychology opens for Christian apologetics.

Evolutionary Psychology Primer by Leda Cosmides and John Tooby
An invaluable primer written by two of the founders of the field.

Evolutionary Psychology: An Elegant Solution
Evolutionary Psychology is a relatively new approach that treats the human mind as a product of evolution. According to EP, the human mind consists of mental modules that, like the body's organs, evolved to handle specific adaptive problems.

Evolutionary Psychology: An Emerging Integrative Perspective within the Science and Practice of Psychology
A article on the theory and implications of this theory by Leif Edward Ottesen Kennair.

Film Archive of Human Ethology
Videos and photography of people comparing different cultures.

Flight from Science and Reason
Paul Gross and colleagues take issue with what they see as a trend toward irrationalism in in science and academia.

Frank Sulloway
Audio interview with the visiting scholar at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, author of 'Born to Rebel'.

Frans de Waal
An audio interview with the primatologist and author.

Genetics, Ethics and Theology
Audio resources on genetics, ethics and theology.

Handbook of Human Symbolic Evolution
Written by Charles R. Peters of Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand.

Human Culture, Human Mind
A discussion about the minds of innovators and whether technological advances are a mixed blessing featuring Howard Gardner and Robert Ornstein.

Human Genome Project
Where does the push to sequence the human genome stand, and what's the outlook for the near future? And what will knowing the genome be able to tell us? A genetics update on this hour of Science Friday.

Human Origins Update
The recent discovery of 10,000-year-old rock paintings in a Brazilian cave has led scientists to question how early humans populated the Americas and what they did for a living. A discussion with Anna Roosevelt and Richard Klein.

Identifying the accident prone
Your personality could determine how likely you are to be involved in an accident, say researchers.

In Search of Human Origins: Classroom Ideas
Lesson Plans Introduce evolution, classify species, and write quizzes about early humans to get a better understanding of human origins.

Inside the Animal Mind
A superb website on animal intelligence.

Intraspecific Exploitative Mimicry in Humans
Humans have evolved to rely very heavily on cooperation with conspecifics. This web page presents the best possible explanation for this complex phenomenon.

Jack Parsons Home Page
Comprehensive coverage of the scholarly work of the writer, lecturer, & consultant on population, development, & related social, political, & ethical problems.

Jared Diamond
An audio interview with the author, physiologist, evolutionary biologist and biogeographer.

Koen DePryck
Links to publications on evolutionary advantages of learning disabilities and other items.

Language Gene
NPR interview with Steven Pinker on the discovery of the first gene linked to speech and language.

Margaret Hagen
Audio interview with an expert on visual perception.

Matt Ridley: The Evolution of a Darwinian
Article on 'Genome: The Autobiography of a Species in 23 Chapters'.

MFTSource Theory: Evolutionary Psychology Theory Page on Evolutionary Psychology organizes useful clinical resources for working from this framework on a variety of issues and diagnoses.

Mindship =1&From=1910
Video interviews with Chris Frith, Karl Grammer, John Casti and many others.

Monkey Math
What do experiments on mathematical ability in other species say about the fundamentals of math -- and of psychology?

Nature/Nurture Debate
Audio discussion featuring Dean Hamer.

No Nobels, One Failure, a Few Regrets - How did the Genius Sperm-bank Donors Turn Out?
The story of The Repository for Germinal Choice as told by David Plotz in Slate magazine.

NPR - Focus on Ordinary Behavior
Radio interview with the founder of "The Journal of Mundane Behavior."

Origins of Language
When did we first start talking and how did language evolve over the millenniums into the diverse form of communication it is today? An audio debate.

Orlando Patterson
Audio interview with the historical sociologist and Professor at Harvard University. He won the 1991 National Book Award for Freedom in the Making of Western Culture, appears regularly in The New York Times, Newsweek, and The New Republic. He also served as special adviser for social policy and development to Jamaican Prime Minister Michael Manley during the 1970's, was on the faculty at the London School of Economics, and has published three novels.

Paul Ehrlich: Human Natures
How much do our genes determine our behavior? Is there such a thing as "genetic destiny?" And is evolution merely a biological process, or is it a cultural process as well?

Pinker on 'The Language Instinct'
NPR audio interview originally broadcast on Fresh Air.

Psychology, Culture, and Evolution
Speculations on the Psychology of Paleolithic Graphics, links to cultural-historical psychology, and links to articles about the evolution of brain, consciousness, language, and sociality.

Replicators: Evolutionary Powerhouses
Replicators are the fundamental units of any process of natural selection. They were first defined by evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins as any entities of which copies are made. The concept of replicators has diverse applications in a variety of areas, including biology, sociology, linguistics, and philosophy.

Research Group on Evolution and Higher Cognition
Center at Rutgers University provides faculty profiles, information on courses and conferences. Also offers an archive of papers.

Richard Wrangham
Audio interview with the Professor of Biological Anthropology at Harvard University. His book 'Demonic Males' popularized ideas he has developed in scholarly research focused on the influence of ecology on the evolution of primate social behavior.

Scientists 'Locate' Intelligence
British and German scientists believe they have identified the specific area of the human brain responsible for intelligence.?=

Secrets of the brain
The organ of thought is the subject of a major new BBC television series 'Brain Story'.

Sex, Drugs, and Cults
An evolutionary perspective on sex, drugs, cults, religions, and ideologies by H. Keith Henson, including a hair-raising account of the author's encounters with the scientiology cult.

So you think you're logical?
An online implementation of one of the most famous experiments in social/evolutionary psychology.

Sociobiology and the Meaning of Life
Essay presents an overview of the field of Evolutionary Psychology. Features links to related sites.

Stress and Disease
Audio discussion with Robert Sapolsky on the biology of stress.

Sue Savage-Rumbaugh
Audio conversations with the noted primatologist.

Scientists are working to understand just how sensations are experienced and interpreted.

The Bio-Rational Institute
Articles, references and information about evolutionary influences on human experience.

The Dance of Consciousness
In an audio interview, neuroscientist Walter J. Freeman discusses his view that consciousness springs from action.

The Descent of Man
Covers the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's four-part radio series on neo-Darwinism.

The Evolution and Human Adaptation Program
Work by faculty and students at the University of Michigan in the area of evolution and human behavior, including work relevant to Darwinian medicine.

The Evolutionary Psychology FAQ
Answers to frequently asked questions about evolutionary psychology.

The Foundation for Humanity's Adulthood - FHA
Biological explanation of human nature, specifically biological exploration of the human condition, humans' capacity for good and evil.

The Genetics of Complex Traits
Science Friday discussion on the genetics of complex traits.

The Great Debate: Evolution, Human Nature and Autonomy
Wwb site of the debate between Sue Scott, Kenan Malik, Rita Carter and Christopher Badcock. There are useful links and contact information.

The human species: our evolution and future
The human species in ecological perspective. A useful collection of links.

The Imagined World Made Real
Tom Dickins looks at Henry Plotkin's view on the natural science of culture.

The Origin of Language -
Some thoughts on the 'origin of language' debate, and the arguments put forward by Steels and MacWhinney, in contrast to those put forward by Chomsky and Pinker.

The original 'rock music'
Many Stone Age relics lying in our museums might not simply be tools but could also be musical instruments.

The Role of the Skeptic
A discussion including Eugenie Scott.

The Science of Beauty
Nancy Etcoff, Doug Jones and Steve Gangestad discuss the science of beauty.

The Undiscovered Mind
A conversation with John Horgan on his dismissive views of contemporary research.

Turning the Tables on the Tabula Rasa By David P. Barash
A detailed commentary on The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature by Steven Pinker.

Unlocking the brain's potential
Scientists think they have identified the part of the brain, which if switched off, can stimulate artistic genius, a BBC documentary shows.

What makes a good rumour?
A rumour spread by a small radio station saw UK motorists trying to beat a phantom fuel blockade. What makes a rumour so successful?

When babies 'see'
Babies start to see complex objects in the same way as adults at the age of seven months, according to new research.

Women's Choice of Men Goes in Cycles
The BBC reports that women are attracted to more hunky men at the most fertile time of their menstrual cycle - this may be part of an evolutionary explanation of infidelity.

World From Within
Explores the pathology of modern human language and social-cultural institutions.

Yahoo Groups : Evolutionary-psychology
Discussion group and archive.

Articles on Behavioral and Evolutionary Psychology

On evolutionary psychology, Freud, and consciousness.

Current Opinion in Neurobiology
An expert guide to current developments.

Evolution of Social Behavior in Primates: Personality Traits
Theory based on Mendelian genetics predicts that personality traits can be traced in ancestral hominid lineages. Reference to non-human primates. A. M. Benis, Sc.D., M.D.

Evolution's Arrow by John Stewart
Psychological evolution - examines how humans are evolving psychologically, the next step becoming a self-evolving organism whose adaptability is not limited by its biological and social past.

Evolutionary Psychology: The Ultimate Origins of Human Behavior
Online text by Jack and Linda Palmer on evolutionary aspects of human behavior in contexts such as mate selection and the development and maintenance of social hierarchies. Topics include human origins, evolution of the brain and mind, language, tool use and art, and challenges of the modern environment.

Global Brain
The first book to make a strong, solidly backed, and theoretically-original case that we do not live the lonely lives of selfish beings driven by selfish genes, but are parts of a larger whole. An attractive site containing a great deal of thought-provoking material.

Human Nature Review
A publication focusing on different aspects of human nature. Includes online copies of the articles, related news and book reviews.

Trends in Ecology and Evolution
An authoritative guide.

Educational Psychologists

Ed Psyc Central: Heidi Weiman's Educational Psychology Site
resources for educational and school psychologists, administrators, researchers, teachers, parents, and students interested in information and studies on teaching and learning

Educational Psychology - Mental Help Net
News and links to educational psychology resources.

Educational Psychology Interactive
Provides an overview of the major topics and issues discussed in educational psychology and how these can be applied in school settings to prepare young people for success in the 21st century.

Journal of Educational Psychology
Publishes primary psychological research pertaining to education. Website includes abstracts of current issues, plus full text of selected papers.

University of Minnesota Dept. of Educational Psychology
Offers degrees in counseling and student personnel psychology, school psychology, special education, and psychological foundations of education.

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